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Welcome to AX Palazzo Merkanti – the first 5-star luxury hotel in the capital. We’ll open our doors in 2019 and I will be there to greet you, as your butler. Once you step into this magnificent 17th century building, I will be of service with anything that you need. If it’s a glass of bubbly in the lobby area, a chaperon to your suite or direction to your private meeting room, I’m your man.

You will be astonished by the Palazzo’s artistic Baroque architecture. Its historical background is bewildering and it would be a shame for it to go unnoticed. I’ll guide you through the next stage to find out more about AX Palazzo Merkanti.


Set in the centre of Valletta, you will find us at the corner of Merchants and St Christopher’s Street where the surroundings of the fortress city hint the timeless memory of the grandeur age of art and extravagance. Pietro Rosselli, a wealthy Maltese goldsmith and an elite member of the Knights, was a previous owner of AX Palazzo Merkanti. The Church of the Jesuits, one of his philanthropic gestures, still stands opposite the building. Both Pietro and, his wife Aloysia, were buried in the chapel of the church beneath a tombstone that bears Pietro Rosselli’s crest.

Follow my lead and I’ll lead you to the magnificent suites that you could be staying at.


AX Palazzo Merkanti caters for true luxury and offers high-end services to exceed supreme expectations. The Palazzo embraces six categories of suites including the Wellness, Terrazzo, Duplex, Secret Garden, Peacock and Executive Suite - all of a designer collection standard. There is something uniquely special about each suite in all the different categories. The suites are completed with midnight blue walls, re-electing mirrors and imposing chandeliers that declare the statement of luxury and serenity.

If you’re staying at the most elite hotel on the island, you should also dine in richness. Follow me to Rosselli Restaurant.


As you might have speculated, the name of this refined restaurant originated from the building’s historical heritage. Rosselli is your location for exclusive fine-dining in Valletta. With a sophisticated menu and an even more thrilling dessert selection, Rosselli is one restaurant that will swiftly get promoted to the top of your list.

Simply summon me, your faithful butler, for anything that you require. I will tend to all your essentials throughout this journey at AX Palazzo Merkanti.